News –The Ventilation system

The Ventilation system is an independent air treatment system composed of an air supply system and an exhaust system. It is based on the use of special equipment to send fresh air to the room on one side of a closed room, and then discharge to the outdoor by special equipment from the other side. An “air flow field” will be formed indoors to meet the needs of indoor ventilation, which is equivalent to adding a breathing system to the room.


The function of the Ventilation system:

1. Ventilation function: Supply the fresh air needed for breathing, exhaust the polluted air, and keep the room comfortable and smooth.

2. Deodorizing function: It can quickly discharge the uncomfortable odor caused by various reasons to create a comfortable environment.

3. Dust removal function: the dust and bacteria floating in the indoor air can basically be eliminated outdoors, creating a comfortable environment.

4. Dehumidification function: all kinds of moisture caused by condensation, mold, rot and other problems can be effectively removed, keeping the room cool and dry.

Based on the above, a comfortable residential Ventilation system is essential

The Ventilation system helps us solve the following problems:

1. Solve home improvement pollution
After home decoration, the indoor air containing formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon and other toxic gases should be discharged outside in time, and the fresh air of nature can be introduced into the room, so that you can avoid toxic gases and enjoy the protection of fresh air 24 hours a day.

2. It can solve the problem of indoor air lack of circulation
Since many buildings now use thermal insulation materials, the airtightness of the buildings is relatively good, which will inevitably make the air circulation of the houses worse, and now the buildings in the cities are densely packed, and the air circulation is not smooth, but If you install a Ventilation system in your home, you can effectively solve the problem of indoor air inefficiency.

3. Avoid passive smoking
The indoor air moves continuously in a directional direction, and the smell of exhaled smoke is photographed outdoors without stopping. You don’t have to worry about second-hand smoke anymore. mildew on rainy days
The movement of the airflow layer prevents mold from growing, and there is no need to worry about mold in the home, thus prolonging the service life of furniture and buildings.

5.prevent air-conditioning disease
Because the moisture in the air is continuously removed by the air conditioner, the dry air stimulates the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, which can cause upper respiratory tract infection. The constant humidity function of this system prevents you from the occurrence of air-conditioning diseases.

6.clothes dry fast
Clothes that are dried indoors during the rainy season will naturally dry faster due to the fresh air and constant humidity function of the equipment.

7.dust removal, sterilization
Because the Ventilation system can establish indoor and outdoor air circulation, it can establish a state of air circulation between indoors and outdoors, so that the oxygen content in the room can be supplemented in time, and the oxygen content in the room and outdoor can be maintained when the doors and windows are closed. The same level. In addition, many Ventilation systems now have the function of purifying the air, which can send the outdoor air into the room after it has been purified, so as to ensure the cleanness of the indoor air.

8. Low noise and low energy consumption
For some communities close to the main road, if the windows are opened at night, the noise generated by the vehicles passing by outside will inevitably be transmitted indoors, affecting rest. If there is a Ventilation system, it will not need to open the windows and will not be affected by outdoor noise. At the same time, it can ensure that fresh air enters the room.

Post time: Oct-14-2021