The harm of PM2.5

“Because air pollution is related to the entire environment, the external environment, and the internal environment. This is much more terrifying than SARS. You can consider SARS, and you can isolate it. Various methods can be used, but atmospheric pollution and indoor pollution No one can escape. So you make a lot of efforts. First of all, you have to think of ways to improve the most basic living environment of mankind, so I think this is still the most critical issue.”——“Zhong Nanshan: Air pollution is much more terrible than SARS, no one can escape”

“Are we going to set another world record for air pollution? Are we still willing to continue to suffer severe air pollution? If we ourselves want to produce PM2.5 and make the already bad air quality worse, who do we blame? So, Do not set off fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival.”——“Academician Wang Zhizhen calls for no fireworks during the Spring Festival to reduce PM2.5″

On January 28, the Forecast and Network Department of China Meteorological Administration revised the haze warning signal standards, and for the first time PM2.5 was used as one of the important indicators for issuing warnings. On the same day, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a separate haze warning for the first time.——“PM2.5 became a haze warning indicator for the first time”

“Why is the government’s monitoring data showing that the air index is getting better and better, but the haze is getting worse and worse, which is far from the common people’s perception?” The PM2.5 value is not included in the monitoring range, but in fact, PM2.5 particles can directly enter the alveoli, which is more harmful to people.——“Zhong Nanshan claims that PM2.5 can directly enter the alveoli and is more harmful to humans”

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China notified on November 16 that the “Ambient Air Quality Standards” began to solicit opinions from the whole society for the second time on the 16th. The biggest adjustment in the second draft is to include PM2.5 and ozone (8-hour concentration) into the routine air quality assessment, and tighten the standard limits for PM10 and nitrogen oxides.——“Ministry of Environmental Protection intends to include “PM2.5″ in routine air quality evaluation”

The level of PM2.5 concentration in the atmosphere directly determines the amount of haze weather, and the public can simply judge the quality of the air. However, in the face of the impact of increased PM2.5 concentration, relevant experts are more inclined to interpret it as “the weather has become more complicated” rather than “the pollution is more serious.”——“PM2.5 triggers an increase in haze and the air in the capital is more “dignified”"

Post time: Oct-22-2021