The role of air disinfection machine in food workshop

Common food workshops have very high requirements for hygienic conditions. For example, some foods that have undergone high-temperature treatment have mildew changes. Air disinfection machine manufacturers mentioned that most of the reasons are that the food is contaminated during the cooling and packaging process.

What role does the air disinfection machine play in the food workshop

Air sterilizer

After the food raw materials are processed, shaped, and sterilized, many of them need to be cooled before being packaged, and only after passing the inspection can they leave the factory for sale. According to the current level of processing technology, most of the food is sterilized by high temperature, the microorganisms in it are basically killed, which can meet the requirements of commercial sterility. Such foods are stored under appropriate conditions and within the shelf life promised by the manufacturer. Will not deteriorate inside.


However, there are many foods that have undergone high-temperature processing. During the cooling and packaging process, they must be in direct contact with the air in the workshop. If the air in the workshop contains more microorganisms, these microorganisms will adhere to the surface of the food and contaminate the food again. The future deterioration leaves hidden dangers. In order to prevent food from secondary pollution during the cooling and packaging process, many companies have adopted measures to disinfect and sterilize the air in the workshop, such as the use of ultraviolet light, chemical fumigation and ozone sterilization; even so, some foods still have microbes exceeding the standard during the shelf life. problem.

Then, why did the air disinfection method be adopted, and the microorganisms in the food would still exceed the standard? This is because ultraviolet disinfection, chemical fumigation, ozone sterilization and other methods have certain limitations and cannot continue to sterilize under dynamic conditions.

In such a situation that is not up to the standard, dont guard against trying the air disinfection machine. Human and machine can coexist. People and the air disinfection machine are in the same space. There is no harm to the workers. At the same time, the space can be disinfected and purified. , Can effectively improve the air quality in the workshop, prevent food from being contaminated by microorganisms in the air, to protect the safety and sanitation of the food, and it is also a great guarantee for consumers.

Post time: Nov-09-2021