SX08-800-100 55w-95w 800mA electronic ballast tridonic ballast FOR uv germicidal lamps sterilizers

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Lamp status indication via DC singal output
(Connected LED Requirement)
DC 5V±5% (5mA):lamp on
DCOV: lamp fault or no lamp
For applications with less than one swith-on cycle per day
(Otherwise preheat start ballast are recommended)
Waterproof Rating: IP64
Certification: CE,RoSH


Size 215*44*26mm AC 220-240v   50/60Hz
Lamp Power 55~95w Wire Max.3m
Lamp Current 0.7-0.8A tc Max.70℃
Preheat Time  12s ta -15~40℃
Certifications CE Protection Level IP20

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